Licensure Instructions

First-time teacher licensure 

Applicants will need to apply and pay online at
Click on "Licensing" on quick links.
MDE Licensing Page

Please read all of the Application Instructions before you log in to the online licensing system.

Online Application Instructions

  1. Click on Online Licensing System and create your account.
    • You will need to pay the license fee with a Visa or Master Card.
    • The processing fee is currently $87.90.

 2.  Complete the MDE Web Site Profile.

    • Remember, this is used for first-time license application.
    • Once you have established an account, the security site will remember you by your login name and password.

You are now ready to Apply for License—follow the step-by-step online instructions. You will need to provide the information requested on each page.

Please note the following:

  • Once you start the online application there is a total of 60 days from the date your online application is submitted to send in all required materials to the Minnesota Department of Education.

  • Please submit all of your materials to Liz Fladhammer or hand in hard copies to the Division of Education office. Once we have received all of your materials and you have met all requirements, we will send in your licensure paperwork to MDE.

  • If supporting documents are not received at MDE within the 60 days, your application may be deleted from the online system, and you will need to reapply and pay the fee again.

Remember: MDE wants all material sent together in one package, and we will not submit your materials until we have received all supporting documents (fingerprint card, license application cover page, verification of completion of a state approved licensure program form, and MTLE score reports).

Licensure PowerPoint Instructions

Forms & Materials for Licensure

Fingerprint Card

Your fingerprint card needs to be filled out correctly and completely or MDE will not accept it. There will be a sign up sheet available at the annual license meeting in April. Campus Security (located in Camden 10) provides the fingerprinting service free of charge. Please use black ink to fill out your fingerprint card and please do not bend or fold your card or smudge the prints.

Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program Form

This form is downloaded via the online application process, which will include applicant name, address, date of birth, phone number, and processing number. The Licensure Certification Officer, Professor Gwen Rudney, will sign this form once all licensure requirements have been met. This form will have your Minnesota process number on it. When the form comes up you may save it as a PDF document and you can email it to, or you may turn in a hard copy to the Division of Education office.

MDE Checklist/License Application Cover Page

This form is also downloaded via the online application process. The items on this form indicate what information is required by the Minnesota Department of Education for each applicant. Please email this form to or turn in a hard copy to the Division of Education office.


All teachers must take and pass the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE). This includes the Basic Skills tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, a pedagogy test consisting of two subtests, and the content knowledge subtests specific to the licensure field. Please remember to forward your score reports to Liz Fladhammer.

Note: Please refer to the PDF titled "Minnesota Teacher Licensure Testing Information (MTLE)" underneath the "Apply for a New Teacher License" section at for information regarding exemptions from the Basic Skills exams as well as information about temporary licenses.

MTLE information and testing center locations

MTLE page on the Morris Education website

Official Transcript Request Form

This form will be provided to you during the annual license meeting in April. You will fill this form out during the meeting and hand it in to Liz Fladhammer. Once you have completed all necessary license requirements and graduated, Liz will obtain a copy of your transcript for your student file.

Minnesota Educator Licensing Department contact information: 
          Phone: 651-582-8691

License Status

Check the status of your license

Licensing Checklist

[ ] Completed Online Application for First Time Full Professional Minnesota Education License–Teaching
[ ] Paid $87.90 Processing Fee

Submit the Following Materials to Liz Fladhammer in the Education Office:

[ ] Official Transcript Request Form at the Annual Licensure Meeting in April
[ ] Completed BCA Fingerprint Card
[ ] Verification of Licensure Program Form
[ ] License Application Cover Page
[ ] MTLE Score Reports

Elementary Education Endorsement Licensure Information

If you are pursuing a middle level (5-8) or foreign language (K-12) endorsement and have completed all requirements and passed all necessary MTLEs, you may apply for both your K-6 license and your endorsement license at the same time. 

If you have not passed all MTLEs and/or other requirements for your endorsement, but have passed all necessary MTLEs and met all requirements for a K-6 license, you may apply for a K-6 and add a field to your license after you have passed the endorsement MTLEs. 

Please contact Liz Fladhammer in the Education office once you have passed your endorsement MTLEs–you will need to fill out "Application to Add a Field to an Existing Minnesota License" available on the MDE website under the heading "Forms for Processes Not Yet Available Online."

Secondary Education Information—Pursuing More Than One License Area

If you are pursuing more than one Secondary Education license, but have only completed all of the requirements and passed the MTLEs for one license area, you may apply for a full-time license in that area. Once you have completed all of the necessary requirements and MTLEs for your second license are, you can add a field to your license. 

Please contact Liz Fladhammer in the Education office once you are ready to add a second license. You will need to fill out "Application to Add a Field to an Existing Minnesota License" available on the MDE website under the heading "Forms for Processes Not Yet Available Online".

Liz Fladhammer's Contact Information:
Phone: 320-589-6400