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DIY Learning Resources

Improve Your Learning Experience

These “do it yourself” resources have been designed to support your learning experience and help you overcome some common challenges. If you have any questions about how to apply these resources to specific coursework, talk to your success coach or contact the Office of Academic Success.  

Alarm clock sitting on  top of notebooks.
An essential piece of being an active learner is balancing the time between the tasks you need to get done and the things you want to do. The following resources are meant to help you organize your time, prioritize tasks, and find an overall balance with your time.
Open book sitting on table.
Whether you are taking notes on an assigned reading or in class, note-taking is a foundational aspect of the learning process. Here are some strategies that will allow you to be a more active, engaged reader and note-taker.
Pencil coloring a circle for scantron test
An exam is your moment to demonstrate your knowledge. Every reading, assignment, and class discussion are opportunities for you to practice and prepare for the exam. The following are strategies and resources to help you be more effective in your exam practice and time management leading up to the exam.
Student sitting in class
Actively reflecting on readings, notes, classes, and feedback on coursework is an essential piece of being an engaged learner. The following are strategies to help you become more active and connected with your learning.
Students in Oyate Hall
The beginning of the semester is an exciting and important time! The steps you take at this time can set you up for success.
Student typing on laptop
So much of the learning we do is online. These strategies will help you stay organized, focused, and efficient while you learn online.