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Theatre Arts

  • A young man staring at a raven
  • A chorus dancing on a brightly lit stage
  • A young man looking at another young man holding a martini glass
  • A group of actors dressed in fairytale costumes and standing onstage
  • A young man and a young woman onstage in bright costumes
  • Young men in business suits onstage
  • A group of men standing in a barn set and looking down at a young woman on the ground
  • A group of seated actors staring offstage
  • Two young men in Renaissance costumes; one is flipping over the others back
  • A smiling young man sitting in a bathtub as dancers move around him
  • A young woman with her hands raised over her head victoriously
  • A group of young men and women in elegant Victorian costumes
  • Two young men in bright costumes throwing a beach ball as a young woman dressed as a fish looks on
  • Four actors onstage; one is crouched over another, the third is holding back the fourth

Why theatre at Morris?

“At large campuses across the state and country, many times undergraduates are pushed aside in the theatre departments so that graduate students can thrive. At Morris, I was able to step on stage my freshman year and not leave until graduation.”

—Tim Hellendrung ’06

The Theatre Arts Discipline at the University of Minnesota, Morris is designed to help students both appreciate and produce quality theatre. Studying theatre enables the student to develop:

  • Creative imagination
  • Inquiring mind
  • Sense of social responsibility
  • Professional discipline
  • Collaboration skills
  • Artistic standards and judgment
  • Insight into the art form

The curriculum explores the fundamentals of:

  • Acting
  • Design
  • Directing

with electives that delve deeper into each area of theatre

The discipline produces multiple productions each year, providing students with opportunities to:

  • Act
  • Choreograph
  • Design

In addition, student theatre and improvisation groups produce performances each semester.

Here are some of the advantages to studying theatre arts at the University of Minnesota, Morris:

Small class sizes
All classes, including introductory courses, have limited enrollment to ensure maximum enrichment and participation.
Professional opportunities
The location of the campus provides excellent opportunities for students to act in, direct, design, and choreograph for area community and educational theatrical organizations.
Students may receive stipends or academic credit working with faculty on play production or other forms of creative collaboration.
The discipline typically sponsors spring break or summer trips to the theatre capitals of New York and London. In recent years approximately 80 percent of theatre majors have enjoyed an international educational experience.

Learn about a major or minor in Theatre Arts